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ABURI ceramic brand


Aburi is the emerging design studio and online store of JamFactory ceramic artist Jordan Gower. Influenced by East Asian culinary culture, Aburi operates primarily as a small batch production studio.


So what’s the name all about?

Well, Aburi is a Japanese food preparation technique in which fish, most commonly, is scorched with flames. This process renders the fish slightly charred, bringing out an intense flavour, whilst the underside remains raw and complimentary. Using this process to think about pottery, it seems fitting that each piece of clay should carry similar qualities after having been kiln fired. Aburi should have a dynamic, glazed top surface and raw, exposed clay beneath.




Food and dining is at the heart of Aburi Ceramic Brand. It's a positive social device but also something that can bring comfort and charm on an individual level. The current selection of tableware emphasises adaptable and understated forms, matched with balanced glazes. Ultimately by communicating through a paired back and cohesive design language, Aburi can create avenues to enter daily life.





Looking for something different? Parallel to our tableware, is a whole range of objects, vases and one-off’s. These items occupy a space of experimentation and play, supplementing the production work. They regularly appear in the online store, but can be seen more frequently in the workshop. Arrange a visitation to see more.




Aburi also takes on commissioned work. This is most commonly seen as restaurant tableware, however it could be anything from a tailored gift or one-off sculpture, to a unique dinner set. Finding a balance between theatrics and practicality ensures an individual product tailored for each client.


Aburi supports thoughtful design and the proliferation of quality in daily life.